The predecessor of Shanghai Jingxin was the branch office of German FENGYUE Industrial Company in Shanghai.In 2009,the main shareholder of Jingxin and German FENGYUE Industrial Company jointly invested and cooperated in production.While continuously improving the original products,it also paid attention to technological innovation and continued to develop The experimental instrument favored by customers.

  Committed to the localization of high-end scientific instruments,and bravely climbing the peak of science and technology,Jingxin relies on the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Shanghai Jiaotong University,Fudan University and other think tanks.A dynamic and imaginative team has been formed to continuously innovate and improve products.At the same time,the products are produced in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard,integrated design,exquisite materials,fine processing,strict inspection of each instrument,and focus on the"Jingxin"brand.At present,Jingxin has applied for nearly 50 various patents,making the company's products more energy-efficient,smarter and more user-friendly.Advanced hardware and software also provide a more solid foundation for the production of high-quality products.

  Relying on stable product quality,high-quality after-sales service,and rigorous work style,Jingxin invented the Tissuelyser series of multi-sample tissue grinders and"JXFSTPRP series of three-dimensional automatic sample rapid grinders","single cell sequencer","Products such as Ultrasonic Ultrafine Screening Device,Liquid Nitrogen Freezing Grinding Machine,Soil Grinding Machine,High Energy Grinding Machine,Mortar Grinding Machine,etc.,have been used in advanced research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences,the Academy of Agricultural Sciences,the Academy of Medical Sciences and Shanghai Transportation State key laboratories of universities,Fudan University,Zhejiang University,The Chinese University of Hong Kong,and Hong Kong Polytechnic University are favored and widely adopted.Relying on strong R&D and production service capabilities,it has successfully provided services to tens of thousands of laboratories over the years.Published more than 1,200 related papers.

  In addition,in order to better serve customers,Jingxin has established dozens of branches and offices in Shenyang,Beijing,Shijiazhuang,Xi'an,Jinan,Zhengzhou,Wuhan,Chongqing,Guangzhou,Hangzhou,Hefei,and more than 300 Agents,in order to better serve the vast number of scientific research workers.

  With the advancement of scientific research and changes in the technological revolution,many new needs will be born to be more conducive to experimentation,more convenient to do research,or to improve existing product technology to make it more suitable for people to use.The direction of Jingxin's dedication is to find these potential needs,create new products,or materialize,industrialize,and market some conceptual products.Jingxin Technology will work hard to create a brand new business opportunity and industry with its partners.Continuous efforts to realize the localization of high-end scientific instruments in our country!

  All equipment is limited to scientific research use.