Home Case Experimental operation of frozen grinder JXFSTPRP-CL on grinding fresh pigskin samples
2022/6/23 11:59:17
Experimental operation of frozen grinder JXFSTPRP-CL on grinding fresh pigskin samples
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Experimental operation of frozen grinder JXFSTPRP-CL on grinding fresh pigskin samples | Shanghai Jingxin

Ⅰ、Customer-related introduction, research group, research direction introduction

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The fresh pigskin samples are ground and pulverized. Since the customer samples are tough and difficult to handle, the customer chooses Shanghai Jingxin JXFSTPRP freezer grinder for sample pretreatment.


Ⅲ、 Experimental site, experimental materials and equipment

Suzhou Fangda New Drug Development Co., Ltd. laboratory, JXFSTPRP-CL freezer grinder, steel tank adapter, several steel balls, liquid nitrogen, scissors and other test equipment;

Ⅳ、Experimental procedure

1. Put the processed samples into the steel tank adapter;

2. Immerse the stainless steel tank in liquid nitrogen for a few minutes;

3. Put the soaked steel can into the designated adapter position of the machine;

4. Start the program after setting the corresponding parameters, and take out the sample after the grinding is completed;

5. Take out the ground samples and wait for the next step of testing;

Ⅴ、Experimental results

By testing and analyzing the ground samples, it fully meets the customer's requirements;


1. During the grinding process, the sample should be cut into small pieces. Due to the strong toughness of the pig skin, the conditions must be met in the liquid nitrogen soaking solution, so that the grinding effect will be more sufficient;

2. During the operation, be sure to pay attention to the safety of the operation process, liquid nitrogen can easily cause danger;