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2022/6/23 11:44:30
Extraction of microbial nucleic acid from soil by automatic sample rapid grinder
Source:Shanghai Jingxin

Extraction and grinding experiment of microbial nucleic acid in soil by automatic sample rapid grinder-Shanghai Jingxin

The Department of Environmental Engineering of Hunan University (the predecessor of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering) was established in 1982. The first-level discipline of Environmental Science and Engineering consists of two second-level disciplines, Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science, and two second-level disciplines of Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science. In the same year, it was approved to establish a postdoctoral station in environmental science and engineering. In 2019, the environmental major of Hunan University was selected as a national first-class undergraduate major construction site. Shanghai Ranking released the 2019 ranking of the best subjects in China, and Hunan University's environmental major entered the top 8% of the subjects. On June 19, 2019, Beijing led the new international hot headlines, and the world's most cited papers in environmental science ranked Chinese universities, and Hunan University ranked second. The college currently has about 350 undergraduates and 450 graduate students.

Experimental purpose: Nucleic acid extraction and grinding of microorganisms in soil microbes

Experimental location: Department of Environmental Engineering, Hunan University

Experimental Materials and Utensils

Sample: dry soil

Instrument: automatic sample rapid grinder (Shanghai Jingxin JXFSTPRP-24)

Consumables: MP soil microbial cell content extraction kit (reagents, centrifuge tubes with grinding beads)


Experimental procedure

1. Add the sample to the centrifuge tube;

2. Perform preliminary mixing on a vortexer;

3. Put the sample tube into the adapter after setting the running parameters and time;

4. Start the instrument to the end of the grinding process, and the samples after grinding can be obtained;

Experimental results:


Experimental results:

The fully automatic rapid grinder (Shanghai Jingxin JXFSTPRP-24) produced by Shanghai Jingxin Industrial Development Co., Ltd. can completely replace the MP homogenizer required in the kit, and the effect is better! !

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